Rosie the Riveter by Norman Rockwell

I needed this on my dash…channeling Rosie today.

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Saturday’s regatta.

Halloween brainstorming session #scarrison #chrismarch #wiggingout

The fact that Nick at Night has changed the 10-12 spot from Friends to How I Met Your Mother ruins my evening routine.

Oh hey ‘Tones…

…well this is awkward. So I’ve taken a HUGE break from posting anything of substance (re: other than reblogs and Insta pics) for the Summer. Not for any specific reason other than I had nothing of importance to post and everything important to post but no creative ability to put it in words. I’ve just been one of those creepy gals hearting all of your eloquent and fun posts on Tumblr. So in hopes to relight that part of my brain that puts actions and situations into words I give you a list of how I spent the past 4 months – in alphabetical order.

Bearded dudes who are fun to be around
Calling my mom on the reg per usual
Dinosaur drawings – a new thing one of my co-workers has started at the office and it is incredible
Explaining to myself that it’s fine to booze on a Sunday
Fourth of July, Fireworks, Falling onto the boat, Feeling alive again
Getting the best Snapchats from Cahill, Glitter Boats
Happy hours on patios
Investing in the important people in my life only
Joining KV at the Pressroom on Sundays for the best breakfast sandwich in the world
Kansas City road trips to meet B, seeing KV as much as possible
Live music – Andrew Bird, Jack White, Haim, The Mix Tapes, Toto
Motorcycles rides, Making out, Maxing out my credit card (Jen don’t read this one)
Not washing my hair for extended amounts of time
Pocahontas dives off the boat
Quoting Wayne’s World
Rocking BIG hair
Sleeping on the hook, Sunburns
Toto concert with KV that turned into an epic casino adventure
Vacationing – mini ones
Water, sitting it in on a noodle for hours at a time
X – not happening
Yoga, Yoloing, Yowza
Zero interest in work – like at all

Kramer hair is all the rage for Fall 2014.

Happy Labor Day weekend friends!


Something about Jack White…

Last night I got to see Jack White with the midwestie bestie. I truly cannot explain how fucking incredible that show was.

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Wednesday night surf session for Lou Dog.