That time I thought it was raining but it was really the sound of my friends frying shit

I listened to this 8 times in a row yesterday and I’m going to do it again today. No shame in my repeat game.

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Friday 5 - Day Made in a few Sentences Edition

“Morning, I made you a peanut butter Poptart.”
“Check out the band Ought, his voice sounds JUST like David Byrne.”
“Drinks tonight?”
“Have you tried the new Donut flavored coffee in the break room?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

at Crystal Bridges Walking Trail

Lou dog lunch date.

My gal Ali/one of my biggest Tumblr crushes tagged me. I’m super late but let’s party!

1. Someone very strongly demands that you go out and treat yoself. What’s the first thing you get…for yoself? I’d pick up a Nutella Latte from The Pressroom and then take several laps around Sephora and buy overpriced face wash or a million colors of eyeshadow that I will never fully know how to apply.

2. Tell me something you want people to learn from you. To not take yourself so seriously. There are so many scary and stupid things that surround us on a daily basis why not tell a fart joke to take the edge off?

3. Do you have a routine when starting and/or ending your day? Ending my day is my favorite. A quick walk around the block for Lou dog, fill up a huge ice water – I cannot sleep without an ice water next to the bed, hop in the shower, wash and moisturize the shit out of my face, brush my teeth, chapstick city, hop in bed, turn on reruns of Friends, a quick call to mom, look at Tumblr/Instagram, sometimes I journal, other times I just crash.

4. Not related (or maybe related) to #1, what’s your favorite thing to spend money on? Live music. I will never feel bad about dropping cash to see amazing music.

5. What do you want the most out of the next six months? I want to continue to making being active a priority and I want to work on my confidence.

6. Do you have a motto/mantra/credo/thing that you live by/cool phrase you tell people all the time/etc? Yolo and what not, When in doubt your mom it out, or Down the hatch you dirty snatch. All 3 are horrible. Hopefully you guys stopped reading at question 2.

7. How do you get yourself out of a bad mood? Usually a phone call to Britt or my Mom, both are amazing at talking me off the ledge.

8. Tell me the best advice someone ever gave you. You deserve love.

9. Beer, wine, liquor, sodie-pop, milkshake, water, _____? What’s your poison? I love a cold draft beer right after work on Friday – I don’t think anything could possibly taste better. I’m also a sucker for a vodka soda with 2 or 3 limes or just a cup of tap water with a ton of ice cubes.

10. What qualities do you look for when deciding whether or not to follow a blog? I like original content, I like funny things, I like pretty pictures, real posts from the heart, good music…the people I follow generally have the perfect mix of these things.

11. Also, what brought you to tumblr, and what’s keeping you here? I remember a gal showed me one of her friend’s Tumblr’s years ago and I was so blown away by the creativity and spontaneity of it. I got sucked in and totally stalked all of her posts, and I didn’t even know this gal. So I figured shoot I could do this too right? At first it was just fluff some pictures a re-blog here and there. Then I attempted actually writing about things I found important and it felt really great. Following smart, strong, funny and badass gals totally keeps me here and brightens the day.

Alright tagging a few gals to see if I can get them to play and sticking to Ali’s questions.

at Llywelyn’s Pub Soulard

At Forever 21

  • Me: Where do I find the Brings the Boys to the Yard section?
  • Brit: I think that's the middle section.